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Gyms we strongly recommend!

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We partner with gyms that share our commitment to helping people achieve their long-term health goals. These partner gyms are located all across the country, and each one offers a unique set of amenities and services. However, they all share our commitment to providing a safe and welcoming environment where people can achieve their fitness goals. We recommend checking out any of our partner gyms if you're looking for a great place to get in shape. You'll be able to find one that meets your needs and helps you achieve your fitness goals.

Solas Health & Fitness Logo

Our primary aim at SOLAS Health & Fitness is to offer high quality small group training with no gimmicks. We don’t believe in following fads, traditional resistance training has stood the test of time for good reason. We help people to achieve their goals whether it is body composition, fat loss, athletic or pain reduction.

At SOLAS you will be more than just a number, we strive to create a welcoming atmosphere where people can work hard and enjoy their training in a small group environment.

Solas Health & Fitness

Offers: In Person

Location: Carrigaline

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Nebula Coaching Logo

“Nebula Coaching is 1:1 coaching service with over 23 years industry

experience between Kate and Adam.

We work with determined individuals who want to feel, move and perform better in areas of life, sport and activity. We support our clients with individual programs, in-person sessions, webinars, newsletters, podcasts as well as having a strong referral network of physiotherapists, equipment suppliers and Dan of Apex.

Check out our testimonials section on our website to see the results we get as well as our Instagram to keep up to date with us!”

Nebula Coaching

Offers Online + In Person

Location: Cobh

KJ Strength & Performance

Offers: In Person

Location: Carrigaline

The gym provides services such as group training sessions, Powerlifting, Youth strength and Conditioning to nutrition programmes and injury rehabilitation. The centre differs from commercial gyms as ‘We put a big focus on each individual: what their goals are, their abilities and how we can improve each individual’s strength and performance.

Here at KJ Strength and Performance, our objective is to help you make lasting changes to your lifestyle choices and craft new habits that will help you excel in all areas of life.

KJ Strength & Performance Logo
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