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Corporate Nutrition Program - What Is It?

A corporate nutrition program helps employees meet their nutritional needs while at work. It also helps employers save money by reducing employee healthcare costs. Our program is designed to help improve the health and wellbeing of your employees by providing them with the knowledge and tools to make healthy nutrition choices

During this 6 week program, your employees will learn about the importance of proper nutrition and how to make healthy food choices to support their overall health and wellbeing. We will cover topics such as balanced eating, portion sizes, reading nutrition labels, and making healthy food choices while on the go.

In addition to providing education on nutrition, our program also includes weekly recipes to help your employees put their newfound knowledge into practice. Our meal plans are designed to be realistic and easy to follow, with options for a variety of dietary needs and preferences.

We believe that investing in the health and wellbeing of your employees is an investment in the overall success of your organization. We look forward to helping your employees make lasting positive changes to their nutrition habits and overall health. So, this program will be helpful for any corporate organization looking to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees through nutrition education and support.

Fitness Group

What's Included

  • 6 week email series.

  • Discussing topics such as calories/macros and much more.

  • Member Hub access with a tonne of recipes.

  • Optional Q&A's, Facebook group sessions and Instagram Lives/Takeovers.

Nutrition Workshop

Client Testimonial

Lifting Kettlebells
Solas Health & Fitness Gym Logo Carrigaline

Solar Health & Fitness,
Carrigaline, Cork
Owner: Cathal

What I liked about Daniel and Apex Nutrition is that I felt like he cared about each and every client as much a we do. He went above and beyond answering individual emails and even made phone calls to clients to help them out.
Even in a relatively short period of time clients have reported measuring improvements in body composition 
As a gym owner it freed up precious time for me to be able to focus on other tasks like on boarding new clients and resolving any problems which is invaluable. Worth every penny.

Fitness Equipments
AliFit Logo, Flyfit, Cork

AliFit, Flyfit, Cork
Owner: Alison

The detail put into Dan’s corporate nutrition package was immaculate. It covered all areas of nutrition from basics, to working it around your lifestyle, and the physiological and psychological factors that can influence your nutrition.


It’s extremely beneficial to a gym or personal trainer looking to better their client's results, whether they are beginners or advanced. Dan’s eye for detail is so evident throughout the package. I couldn’t recommend it more.

Crossfit Rowing Machines
Performost Gym Logo, Vienna

Performost, Vienna
Owner: Jesse

The plan I received was great. It has a great design and layout. Was really well done, so that everyone can understand what is being said. It was exactly what I hoped for!

     It definitely helped my clients. I actually had multiple people tell me how they really liked it. Both clients as well as prospects! They said it helped them understand the basics of nutrition, like calorie intake and macros, much better and helped them be more aware of how much they eat.

    100 percent would recommend Dan! Apex Nutrition did a fantastic job in helping me support my clients. Dan was very professional.

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