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Calorie Deficit & Macronutrient Calculator:
Calculate your daily calorie intake

There are a lot of calorie calculators out there. But how do you know which one is right for you?


A calorie calculator is a great tool to help you determine how many calories you need to lose weight, build muscle or hit a sport performance target. There are many calorie calculators available online, but they all work the same way. To use a calorie calculator, you first need to determine your current weight and activity level. Then, you'll need to enter the number of calories you want to consume each day. The calorie calculator will then calculate the number of calories you need to burn each day to lose weight.


Here's a lowdown on how to calculate your calories.

Weight Loss: To lose weight, you'll need to create a calorie deficit by eating fewer calories than you burn. It's best to start at a deficit of 300-500 calories a day. Below the calculator shows a 500 calorie deficit. Start out at a 300 calorie deficit and after 4-6 weeks look to drop to 500 calories if progress has stalled.

Muscle Building: To gain muscle, you'll need a maintenance to surplus. This means eating more calories than your body burns. Start with a surplus of 300-500 calories. This can be a lot of food at first but over time the body will adjust. Put this new found energy into your weighted sessions to build a strong muscle foundation.

Sport Nutrition: To optimise athletic performance it's important to eat at a maintenance. Eating enough food to match your athletic output can be a challenge. This can cause gastric upset, and bloating. Having a strategy and working to a maintenance calorie range will overall improve track times, team sport and speed up recovery. 

With these criteria in mind, why not try out the calorie calculator below and see what your calories amount to.

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Calorie Calculator

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